• Only2dhir

    Spring Boot Features

    February 22, 2017 by Only2dhir

    Spring is a java based MVC framework to develop enterprise application. Spring framework provides a complete framework in all the aspects of an enterprise application. It has different modules in it and the best part is spring never compels you to use all the modules at a time in your application. All the different modules like spring-core, spring-jdbc, spring-security,spring-aop can be used independently in any enterprise application and this is made Spring very popular over the period.

    Spring is completely configuration based framework. Spring provides .xml, annotations and java based configurations and using these configurations you can build your enterprise application in a very short span of time. But sometimes these configurations are…

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  • Domingocool

    So who am i? I am a person who is into gaming and programming. I currently am still in the learning curve but am creating some simple plugins for bukkit. In case you have'nt heard, Minecraft is THE best game ever (my opinion of course). It is so simple but EXTREMELY dynamic and a great way to practice your Java Programming skills. Try the game. I bet you will like it.

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